May 26, 2008

The Rooms are Done

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I have had a serious case of pre-baby nesting with this pregnancy. Nothing like I had with my first. We have re-painted all of our bedrooms, cleaned carpets and upholstery, converted office to nursery and recreated office, cleaned out closets, made trip after trip to the DI, and on and on and on. I’m exhausted-but I’m done!!! So…here are the pictures of the kids’ rooms. And I DO realize that I am revealing Little Ro’s name here, but I just couldn’t leave his cute wall letters out of this post.

Little Ro’s Choo Choo Room:

The Nursery – still needs a few minor touches, but basically done!

April 7, 2008

The Big Boy Bed

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The dreaded big boy bed arrived last week.  While I’ve been very excited to redecorate Little Ro’s room, I’ve been dreading taking away the “bars” that keep him from roaming free during nap time and bedtime.  In other words, to disturb me during the times when I am typically attempting to work, regain my sanity, or sleep.  Well…we set it up on Saturday evening…and so far so good!!!  I know that no sooner than I finish typing this post, it will probably all come crashing to a bitter, ugly end (especially in light of the amount of work I have to do).  But I have to be encouraged by our progress so far, right?  We have had two peaceful nights and today, he’s napping!  YEA for the big boy bed!  He’s a little emotional about it and tells me that he’s sad when I tuck him in, but after a little reassurance he has been falling right to sleep.  I’ll post some pictures of his room soon!  It has been an absolute pain to paint, but I think it’s well worth it.  I’m just waiting on one more picture for the wall and then I need to frame and hang some things and I’ll share.  Same story for the nursery too.  I’m really excited about both rooms!

November 1, 2007

Little Scarecrow

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Well, the verdict is in–Little Ro’ LOVES Halloween. He had his first taste of trick or treating at the trunk r treat on Saturday, and was totally thrilled to go around the neighborhood last night with dad and Papa W. He also loved helping answer the door and helping himself to our candy bowl along with the visiting kids each time. Needless to say, he had a major sugar high that lasted until about 10 pm.

Here are a couple pics from the big night!


Little Ro’ with his cousin Els and Auntie J.


Little Ro’ in Grandpa Great’s backyard with his scarecrow pals.

I think the costume was a huge success (even if he would only wear the hood and hat in 30-second increments).  I think I just might attempt to sew his costume again next year.  We’ll see!

October 2, 2007

Little Ro’ Turns 2!

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Today is Little Ro’s 2nd birthday! To celebrate we went to the zoo, just as we did on his 1st birthday. He had a ball! He walked pretty much the entire time, so he should be good and tired this afternoon. His favorite exhibits were the elephants and Asian Highlands–and the construction workers with their big tractors. Yes, you read that right. Hogle Zoo is doing major construction, adding some interesting new exhibits.
Now he’s laying in his bed calling out “fries, fries…” which is probably a fairly accurate representation of my parenting skills. Oh well.

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a train party. All things trains–specifically Thomas! It was a really fun party for the adults and kids. It was freezing and pouring rain, but we grilled burgers, brats, and hot dogs. I made these yummy twice-baked potatoes (I’ll post the recipe). They were a huge hit! I’ve decided that I need to have more parties, especially in light of football season. It’s just an excuse to make good food and hang out with family and friends. And did I mention eat?

I ordered what turned out to be the world’s largest cake from Dick’s market. It was SO cute! Complete with a little Thomas that drove around a track on top! Cake
The kids loved the pinata. Little Ro’ was so excited that he wouldn’t actually hit it, but we managed to get it open anyway.

Little Ro’ received so many darling gifts, it’s definitely time for a toy clean-up around our house! We’re being over-taken! But I have to give a shout-out to 2 particular gifts. First, my mom managed to find this cash register at Toys R Us. It’s the exact same cash register I had as a child! It’s a HUGE hit! I highly recommend it. Also, Little Ro’ has a little-known obsession with sprinklers. It doesn’t matter if they’re on or off, he just loves sprinklers. I’m afraid we might have a future landscaper on our hands. So, his Gpa “B” made him this:
CSI–complete with sprinkler head! I’m afraid to say he’s totally obsessed. Sigh. If only I could really understand the 2-year-old mind.