January 28, 2008

Need Your Opinions!

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I need your help!  I want to buy the bedding for the nursery so I can start putting things together.  I feel like I never quite completed Little Ro’s room, so I’m not going to make that mistake twice.  I think I’ve narrowed it down to two options/ themes: sail boats or elephants.  My furniture is white and the room is painted two tones of green.  I’m planning to keep the paint (unless it doesn’t match of course), but I definitely want to keep it some shade of green.

Okay…here are the options:
Elephants – Definitely a baby theme, possibly less toddler-friendly.  The colors of the bedding look distorted online, but it’s actually baby blue and a light sage green (not khaki as it looks).  My main concern is that my glider cushions might not match, but I can always order new (although that will take a bit of convincing with my DH).  Bedding and some prints for the walls: Good Night, I Love My Mama, and Lavender Blue.  I’m absolutely in LOVE with these prints!

Sailboats – More vibrant color and definitely toddler friendly.  But lacks the sweet baby feel of the elephants–particularly where the opportunity for cute prints is concerned.  Sigh.  Another huge plus is that our glider will definitely go.  Here is the bedding and here are some cute prints (some of which you’ve seen already): Sailboats and Whale.

I’m completely torn!  Please help!


January 24, 2008

Little Ro’s Room

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I am feeling a little overwhelmed at all the work I need to do to move Little Ro’ into a big boy room in a couple of months and clean out the play room.  UGH.  How on earth did one little boy acquire so many toys??  Not to mention all the junk we have stuffed in the playroom closet.  It will become the new baby’s nursery.  So, we have the clean-out, the wall-washing, the painting, the shutter-ordering, and on and on to do in the next couple of months.  This is going to be a heck of a honey-do list!  Just kidding!

I’m having an impossible time finding bedroom furniture that I like for LR, but I have already bought his bedding and my mind (and internet shopping skills) are going a million miles an hour to figure out all the details.  I bought his bedding quite a while ago at Pottery Barn Kids.  Is there any other place??  I think not.  To follow his obsession, his room is going to be all about trains.  Here is what is left of the bedding at PBK.  It’s so perfect, I had to snatch it up!  I picked up the matching lamp shade this weekend.  So…now onto storage and wall art, etc.  We’re looking for a storage bed, but if we can’t find one we like, I think I’ll go for some PBK Sabrina baskets under the bed for toys, etc.  And I’m going to pick up one of these in red.  He has a darling little red chair I’m hoping we can fit in his room as well.

In my quest to create the perfect train room for my little guy, I have come across some great sites to get very unique wall art!  I haven’t ordered anything yet, so I guess I can’t speak for the final products, but they look so darn cute, I can’t resist!  Okay…in no particular order…here are the fun sites I’ve found:
www.cuddlebugsart.com – I don’t think I can live without this and a few other train-related items on the site.  She also has some darling sailboat art possibly for the nursery, but more on that in another post.

Sarah Jane Studeos – I think I’m in love with just about everything in her store.  Nothing here for LR’s room, but another nursery idea…again, for another post.  And a bonus–she’s local!  I’m tempted to order from her just to support a local mom in business for herself!

Constant Dreamer – I love these prints–especially the fish, turtle, and whale.  Again, another idea for the nursery…

I’m still searching out other cute sites along the same lines, but had to share these great finds!  Etsy is a great source for unique finds and there are a ton of other artists with great prints, but these three just stood out to me.

Wish me luck!!

January 22, 2008

A World Without Diet Coke??!!

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Okay, maybe this is an exaggeration, because I don’t think I’m actually capable of cutting it out of my world entirely.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the study linking caffeine and miscarriage by now, but it’s on my mind so I’m blogging about it.  SavvyToddlerMom was one step ahead of me on this.  I was already cutting back just to be conscientious, and I probably don’t really have anything to worry about, but I think it’s just a sign that I need to seriously cut the habit.  I’m going to 1 a day max.  I’ve been mixing my Diet Coke with Caffeine Free Diet Coke for the past few weeks, and I think that’s going to be my trick.  I brought a Crystal Light water bottle packet out to lunch today and just stirred it in my water.  I’m sorry, but I just need something sweeter than water with my meals and I don’t need any extra calories!  Sigh.

January 16, 2008


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Just as Little Ro’ is procrastinating his nap (although he has been in bed protesting for over an hour), I am procrastinating work.  Time spent online–available for work, replying to emails as they arise–counts, right?  So I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on my favorite blogs and to update my own.  Let’s call it online research.  Part of me is totally annoyed that LR is not sleeping, and another part of me is completely amused at all the goofy things he is saying and doing, i.e. he just told Shrek “night night” even though there isn’t a single Shrek item in his room.  I honestly don’t know where he comes up with these things!  The 3-year-old girl from next door is coming over to play in about 15 minutes, so I’m holding out until then so they can entertain each other…I hope.

January 10, 2008

Hey Mikey, She Likes It!

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My sister sent me this picture last night–my niece’s first experience with a sherbet push-up pop! She’s a big fan!!

January 9, 2008

It’s a…

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‘nother boy!  Our roost is going to be ruled by another boy–can we handle it??  And there was no doubt about it–he showed us his manhood proudly a few times.  Little Ro’ will have a ball with him, I’m sure, and I’m glad to be able to reuse all of Little Ro’s things before they’re too old or out of style.  Knock on wood, this pregnancy is going smoothly and the ultrasound showed a healthy baby.  He’s trending toward a June 3rd due date, so he’s a few days ahead of schedule.  We’re very excited!  Here are a couple pics.



Two little feet


A Very Merry Christmas

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I’ve been a bad blogger lately! The holidays were so hectic, but we’re getting back to normal life now. Little Ro’ caught his first annual case of croup right after Christmas and is just feeling better now. We had a great Christmas season this year!  Little Ro’ didn’t really understand, but he was (and is) fascinated by Christmas lights and Santa. And he didn’t mind the new toys either. I don’t know where we’re going to put everything!! My sister came from NY with our brother in law and their two kids (3-year-old son who LR calls “Sarcon” and his little sister, who we’ll call El). Little Ro’ is still asking for “Sarcon” every day! Here is a pic of the kids playing together at Grandma’s house before going sledding.  Cousins playing

It was especially fun to spend time with little El. She was born in London and now lives in NY so I had only been able to see her once before. She’s too cute and her personality is so darling! I’d give anything to have such an easy going baby….

The boys were so lucky–Santa made a stop at Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve.  Little Ro was cautiously curious and Sarcon couldn’t contain his excitement!  Our camera lens was filthy (thanks, Little Ro), so the pics were blurry.


Here is a pic of the kids together on Christmas morning at Grandma’s house.

Christmas Morning

After Christmas we took the kids to Hardware Ranch.  It is an Elk wildlife preserve above Hyrum, UT.  It was beautiful, but COLD!!!  We waited an hour and a half in 8 degree weather to see the Elk up close.  Little Ro seemed oblivious to the cold and just had a ball playing in the snow.  The pics below are Little Ro playing and Sarcon looking at the Elk (which we told him were Santa’s Reindeer).


The holidays are always a reminder of how very blessed we really are.  We have such great friends and families and we were able to make a lot of fun memories this year.