March 26, 2015


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This transpired in the car after school today. 

Me: Chase! Stop kissing your brother! He hates it; leave him alone!

Chase: I can’t! He’s so insanely cute! Insanely cute!

This little boy is so loved, and maybe a little or a lot smothered. 


A few days ago…

Austen: “mom are you crazy?! You gave a baby something sharp?!?!” Way to look out for your little brother. Or take advantage of an opportunity to call mom crazy. 

Which then created opportunity to rehash the story of Chase handing newborn Austen a bbq skewer: “mom, I give you baby sharp!”



January 29, 2015


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My cute Mason is obsessed with The Goodnight Train. More specifically, the passage “wheels go click, wheels go clack. Clickety-clack, clickety-clack.” He busts up laughing and turns to this page over and over. Last night, Grant got him to try to say it! “Cl cl cl cl,” he repeated back! And tonight he did it for me too! The sweet sound of victory!!! And the entire family goes wild with excitement!!!

This little boy is a smarty and I know he understands so much. I don’t want to take one single accomplishment he makes for granted. If I don’t celebrate his victories, then I get caught up in mourning his differences, the missed experiences, the regressions. It would be very easy to allow these to consume me. He is the most beautiful, perfect four-year-old I know, and he’s going places! One teeny tiny step at a time.


October 18, 2014

We have the best messes

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At least this is what a coworker told me this week! Mason is a huge sensory seeker, and he’s just plain old busy, so between those two traits, we have the best messes. Here are a few of our latest.

Here he is after finding a tray of Halloween face paint:


He is obsessed with cooking (and cracking and sometimes licking eggs-Yuck!!). Today he made a concoction of my spices while I was distracted:


And here is what it looks like when your little brother streaks into the bathroom and throws a handful of poop into your bath. Poor chase got nailed!!


Lastly, this was a great little mess. We made homemade applesauce on Sunday, and everyone loved it! Austen wanted to mix his with “real” applesauce (Mott’s). The smell of cooking apples is the epitome of fall to me. I was in heaven, even cleaning it all up!


September 13, 2014

Oh, how I love a party!! (Written May, 2010)

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Despite all the hard work, the stress, the last-minute meltdowns – I LOVE parties!  Today was Austen’s 2nd birthday party and it was a hit!  It reminded me how blessed I am to have my two darling boys and such wonderful family and friends.  My cute friend Jamie loaned me a bunch of decorations (and otherwise loaned me some great ideas) and I think the party was super cute.  We ended up inside due to cold weather.  It was a little cramped, but no one seemed to mind.

Here’s the birthday boy!  Appropriately bruised and scraped – this is a 2 year old boy after all!

I made party hats for all of the kids, which they decorated with foam stickers and wiggly eyes.  They turned out so cute and the kids had so much fun creating their hats!


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A: “Dad, do the China guys wanna take over the United States?”

Dad: “Yep.”  HAH!I have no idea what prompted that thought!  So random and so funny!  One of my other favorite one-liners is: “Hey, are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?!”  No.  The answer is always no.  But I tell him it depends on what he’s thinkin’ because I want to hear whatever outlandish idea he has come up with.

February 8, 2013

A little romance in the air

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Chase is more than just a little bit twitterpated by the little neighbor girl down the street.  She’s darling, so he has my blessing – in about 12 years!  He gets all shy and smiley when he talks about her.  It’s SO stinking cute!  A few weeks ago I was talking to him about what he wanted to be when he grows up.  I threw out some BIG ideas, to which he replied, “I just want to be a regular dad and work at Home Depot.”  Yikes!  We’re working on dreaming bigger.  Then he proceeded to ask me what kind of babies “P” (his love interest) will have and whether she has “teeny-tiny babies” in her tummy.  Double yikes!!  I was not about to go into that right at that moment, so I told him she doesn’t and that someday she’ll have boy babies or girl babies.  “Oh good!  I hope we have boy babies!” was his reply.  I had to leave the room, I was cracking up so hard and I didn’t want to embarrass him! 

Most recently he asked me why jewelry is special.  I explained that things that are rare are special and expensive, etc.  “I’m going to buy “P” a diamond!” he declared.  Again, maybe in about 15 years for that one! 

Mom is our favorite!!!

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They just won’t admit it, but I know I really am! Yesterday I asked Austen why they like dad more than me. He replied something like this: “Dad throws us and does stuff to us and you just drive us around.” Yup. Sounds about right! Appropriately we were in the car having this conversation.

January 28, 2013

My boys lately, including more Austen-isms

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I love my boys.  All three of them SO much it honestly blows my mind.  It is truly difficult to comprehend the love of parent for child.  Chase is so smart, loving, super-organized and precise.  He is super-independent, but still needs an emotional bond with his mom, and I love that about him.  I don’t know where he gets the last two!  He is barely 7 and each morning he gets up on his own, gets completely ready for school and if I’m not downstairs in time, he will even pack his own lunch!  He is intense and sometimes that is hard to keep up with. 

Austen is our comic-relief.  I think the Lord gave him to us second to give these tired parents a breather!  He is less intense and even a bit less compassionate than Chase (sorry, buddy but it’s the truth).  He is much more easy going, but he has an amazing work ethic.  For example, on Saturday he put down his Wii remote and informed me that he was going to his room to do his chores.  Chores?  As if I were organized enough to assign chores!  He ran to his room, made his bed and cleaned it completely.  Here are a couple of his latest Austen-isms:- He was recently so excited to go on a preschool field trip to “Papa Smurfy’s” pizza.  Hehe, that’s Papa Murphy’s but I’m not about to break it to him!
– The boys have recently become fans of Pee Wee Herman, or as Austen likes to say: “Pee Weed Herman.”  Hehehe
– I was explaining to Austen a couple weeks ago that he was named after Jane Austen, rather than Austin, Texas, to which he replied, “Mom, why am I not named JANE Austen?”  LOVE it!
– Tonight Grant explained to Austen why the little slit/ hole in his underwear goes in the front rather than in the back, since Aust wears his underwear backwards as a rule.  He demonstrated how Aust could pee without pulling down his pants, and Austen was pretty darn impressed!  So Grant told him to be sure and tell Mom what he learned about his underwear.  Austen was a bit taken back at this suggestion and exclaimed “Aw!  She’ll ground me for sure!!!”  Then he told Grant he would tell Ivan instead.  An idea that Grant hopefully put to bed! 

Mason is simultaneously our biggest challenge and my greatest joy at the moment.  He is happy and playful and really pretty easy going.  He adores his big brothers and loves to play legos, cars, the bounce house, or really any kind of toys.  He’s obsessed with Popsicles, ALL candy and fruit snacks (esp suckers), and broccoli.  He can’t get enough broccoli – thank goodness for that!  His developmental delays are the challenge.  He is making progress, but still not enough.  His fine and gross motor skills are excellent.  Yay for that!  His language, cognitive and social development are very delayed.  We’re waiting to see the developmental pediatrician and take his treatments and therapies to the next level.  His doctor gently brought up the possibility of Autism at his last visit.  I suppose time will tell.  He’s really the little star of our family at the moment, though.  Chase adores his baby brother and totally dotes on him.  Neighbor kids come to play with him.  There is just something magnetic about this little boy and we love him! 

November 13, 2012

The “Real World”

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It has become increasingly apparent that the line between the real and the make-believe is extremely blurred for my children.  Much more than I had ever imagined.  They question me regularly about whether things are “for real” or whether things that they see on TV “really happened.”  I have been trying to explain why Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes can’t possibly be real!  A few days ago Austen asked me again about our ride on Star Tours at Disneyland.  He asked me whether we had really gone to outer space.  I told him that we hadn’t, but that it sure seemed like we did.  He continued to press me on the issue, making a pretty strong case for why he was sure we had really left the planet Earth.  Some of it is a child’s perception and I’m sure some of it is his imagination at work.  It sure is more fun to believe that we actually traveled in a spaceship! 

November 6, 2012

My (not-so) Baby Mason

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My (not-so) Baby Mason

Mason, Fall 2012

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