About ChasingToddlerMom

ChasingToddlerMom is a work-from-home-stay-at-home-mom. It’s as exhausting as it sounds! CTM is an online marketer working with clients in healthcare, education, beauty, and b2b verticals, often keeping busier with work than she would like, but incapable of turning down the opportunity to work on the next interesting project.

Little Ro’ (aka Chase) is CTM’s uber-active and inquisitive 4-year-old son. Little Ro’ would live outside or play Wii all day and all night if he were allowed and wouldn’t stop playing to eat if he were not required to do so. Chasing him around each day is entirely exhausting, but tremendously rewarding.  Austen – named for Jane Austen, not the city of Austin – is CTM’s super sweet 1 year old little boy.  He has no trouble keeping up with his big brother – a fact that quite frankly frightens his parents.  Despite being on the run constantly, Austie is always happy to oblige a cuddle.

ChasingToddlerDad is also an online marketer (imagine the riveting conversation as CTM and CTD cuddle in bed with his and hers laptops!). CTD also shares CTMs inability to turn down an interesting project, but is an exceptionally involved and hands-on father, for which CTM is eternally grateful. Especially at 7 am each day.

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