April 24, 2008

Naptime Success!

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Little Ro’ has NOT been napping lately. Consequently, he has been a little monster every afternoon/ evening. I put my foot down today. I shut myself in my office, ignoring the sounds of toys being hurled over the baby gate and other more frightening sounds of sure destruction coming from his room until eventually silence fell. Sweet silence. Upon venturing downstairs to assess, this is what I found.  I call this success!  I WIN!  And all it cost me was a copy of Go Dog Go.  I can live with that.

It’s reminiscent of what we found the first night we installed the baby gate in his doorway.

My advice to all parents considering the move to the big boy (or girl) bed: buy a baby gate and install it with Herculean strength. He plowed through it the first 4 or 5 times we put it up. But now that it has been put up with such force that it is surely damaging our drywall, it has maintained impenetrable status–unlike the doorknob child locks, which he figured out in about 5 minutes flat.

April 18, 2008

The Bobo Hobo

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ChasingToddlerDad and I have come up with a new name for Little Ro’ today.  The Bobo Hobo.  Lately he is totally and completely obsessed with two things: his “bobo” (binkie) and the outdoors.  He would honestly live outside if we allowed him.  When the weather is nice we spend at least a couple hours of each day outside.  Maybe I’m a poor sport, but I have to admit that I’m kicking and screaming inside on our 2nd, 3rd, or sometimes 4th trips outside each day.  I figure it’s good for both of us so I suck it up.  I think the bobo attachment is part of his toddler OCD and partly due to regression/ insecurity accompanying the transition to his big boy bed and the impending birth of baby brother.

So there you have it.  We’re raising a bobo hobo.  Maybe someday, 20 or 30 years from now you’ll see a man with a blue bobo wandering a city near you.

April 7, 2008

The Big Boy Bed

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The dreaded big boy bed arrived last week.  While I’ve been very excited to redecorate Little Ro’s room, I’ve been dreading taking away the “bars” that keep him from roaming free during nap time and bedtime.  In other words, to disturb me during the times when I am typically attempting to work, regain my sanity, or sleep.  Well…we set it up on Saturday evening…and so far so good!!!  I know that no sooner than I finish typing this post, it will probably all come crashing to a bitter, ugly end (especially in light of the amount of work I have to do).  But I have to be encouraged by our progress so far, right?  We have had two peaceful nights and today, he’s napping!  YEA for the big boy bed!  He’s a little emotional about it and tells me that he’s sad when I tuck him in, but after a little reassurance he has been falling right to sleep.  I’ll post some pictures of his room soon!  It has been an absolute pain to paint, but I think it’s well worth it.  I’m just waiting on one more picture for the wall and then I need to frame and hang some things and I’ll share.  Same story for the nursery too.  I’m really excited about both rooms!