November 13, 2012

The “Real World”

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It has become increasingly apparent that the line between the real and the make-believe is extremely blurred for my children.  Much more than I had ever imagined.  They question me regularly about whether things are “for real” or whether things that they see on TV “really happened.”  I have been trying to explain why Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes can’t possibly be real!  A few days ago Austen asked me again about our ride on Star Tours at Disneyland.  He asked me whether we had really gone to outer space.  I told him that we hadn’t, but that it sure seemed like we did.  He continued to press me on the issue, making a pretty strong case for why he was sure we had really left the planet Earth.  Some of it is a child’s perception and I’m sure some of it is his imagination at work.  It sure is more fun to believe that we actually traveled in a spaceship! 


November 6, 2012

My (not-so) Baby Mason

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My (not-so) Baby Mason

Mason, Fall 2012

My big boys!

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My big boys!

Chase and Austen Fall 2012

Family photos, and other such challenges

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On Saturday we had – or attempted to have – family photos.  And again I was reminded why we don’t do them very often.  WOW.  It was exasperating.  I love my little boys.  But it was a reminder of how challenging parenting can be.  Especially parenting children with some extra challenges themselves.

Mason’s sensory processing issues make him very inflexible and unpredictable.  He was a smiley, happy little guy the entire car ride to the park.  But once we got there and – gasp – we put shoes on his little feet, it was all over.  It honestly makes me sad.  I wish he could just cope with some of the normal, everyday things that I think other parents totally take for granted.  I’m sure people look at us sometimes and think we must be lenient parents (and to some degree we probably are) with out of control kids.  What they don’t see is a couple of little kids who are plagued by anxiety over some of the most simple, everyday things.  Who struggle with the feeling of the very clothes on their backs or the shoes on their feet.  Who can’t cope with gel in their hair, a shirt with buttons, or the sensation of wearing a coat (or maybe just THAT coat), despite the fact that it’s freezing and snowing outside.  It’s frustrating, and sometimes maybe they’re just being stubborn.  But it’s hard to differentiate their stubbornness from their inability to cope with or process all of the overwhelming sensory input coming at them all day everyday.  And even the very best kids would naturally act out while their parents are totally distracted soothing a screaming baby.

This is just something that has been weighing on my mind lately.  I used to get very sad about it when Chase was about Mason’s age and all of these experiences and struggles were totally new to us.  I still get a little sad, but I’ve learned to cope in my own way.  Maybe because seeing the amazing kid that Chase has become has shown me that in the end it will all be OK.

November 4, 2012

Week 3 Bonus

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Has everyone seen the week 3 bonus?  If not, check it out here.  So, are we in?!  This sounds completely doable to me.  My only apprehension is the swimming part.  I’ll have to figure out when my local rec center has open lap swimming.  Does anyone swim regularly?  The biking and running parts should be cake for us!  I think we should handle it like we did on the last round’s cardio/ strength bonus challenge and create a blog post where we all log our time (or distances this time) and update the total team distances.  Who is with me?