January 28, 2013

My boys lately, including more Austen-isms

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I love my boys.  All three of them SO much it honestly blows my mind.  It is truly difficult to comprehend the love of parent for child.  Chase is so smart, loving, super-organized and precise.  He is super-independent, but still needs an emotional bond with his mom, and I love that about him.  I don’t know where he gets the last two!  He is barely 7 and each morning he gets up on his own, gets completely ready for school and if I’m not downstairs in time, he will even pack his own lunch!  He is intense and sometimes that is hard to keep up with. 

Austen is our comic-relief.  I think the Lord gave him to us second to give these tired parents a breather!  He is less intense and even a bit less compassionate than Chase (sorry, buddy but it’s the truth).  He is much more easy going, but he has an amazing work ethic.  For example, on Saturday he put down his Wii remote and informed me that he was going to his room to do his chores.  Chores?  As if I were organized enough to assign chores!  He ran to his room, made his bed and cleaned it completely.  Here are a couple of his latest Austen-isms:- He was recently so excited to go on a preschool field trip to “Papa Smurfy’s” pizza.  Hehe, that’s Papa Murphy’s but I’m not about to break it to him!
– The boys have recently become fans of Pee Wee Herman, or as Austen likes to say: “Pee Weed Herman.”  Hehehe
– I was explaining to Austen a couple weeks ago that he was named after Jane Austen, rather than Austin, Texas, to which he replied, “Mom, why am I not named JANE Austen?”  LOVE it!
– Tonight Grant explained to Austen why the little slit/ hole in his underwear goes in the front rather than in the back, since Aust wears his underwear backwards as a rule.  He demonstrated how Aust could pee without pulling down his pants, and Austen was pretty darn impressed!  So Grant told him to be sure and tell Mom what he learned about his underwear.  Austen was a bit taken back at this suggestion and exclaimed “Aw!  She’ll ground me for sure!!!”  Then he told Grant he would tell Ivan instead.  An idea that Grant hopefully put to bed! 

Mason is simultaneously our biggest challenge and my greatest joy at the moment.  He is happy and playful and really pretty easy going.  He adores his big brothers and loves to play legos, cars, the bounce house, or really any kind of toys.  He’s obsessed with Popsicles, ALL candy and fruit snacks (esp suckers), and broccoli.  He can’t get enough broccoli – thank goodness for that!  His developmental delays are the challenge.  He is making progress, but still not enough.  His fine and gross motor skills are excellent.  Yay for that!  His language, cognitive and social development are very delayed.  We’re waiting to see the developmental pediatrician and take his treatments and therapies to the next level.  His doctor gently brought up the possibility of Autism at his last visit.  I suppose time will tell.  He’s really the little star of our family at the moment, though.  Chase adores his baby brother and totally dotes on him.  Neighbor kids come to play with him.  There is just something magnetic about this little boy and we love him!