January 29, 2015


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My cute Mason is obsessed with The Goodnight Train. More specifically, the passage “wheels go click, wheels go clack. Clickety-clack, clickety-clack.” He busts up laughing and turns to this page over and over. Last night, Grant got him to try to say it! “Cl cl cl cl,” he repeated back! And tonight he did it for me too! The sweet sound of victory!!! And the entire family goes wild with excitement!!!

This little boy is a smarty and I know he understands so much. I don’t want to take one single accomplishment he makes for granted. If I don’t celebrate his victories, then I get caught up in mourning his differences, the missed experiences, the regressions. It would be very easy to allow these to consume me. He is the most beautiful, perfect four-year-old I know, and he’s going places! One teeny tiny step at a time.