April 29, 2010

All in a day’s work…or…play

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My 4 year old son is currently grounded from the Wii and TV (who is this punishing, really?). So, his activity of choice: vacuuming. He’s currently vacuuming the couch cushions, while wearing 6 pairs of underwear and three pairs of socks, I might add. Forget the toys, Santa! Bring this kid some cleaning supplies!


April 26, 2010

Boys, boys, boys

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My week last week consisted of a shopping trip to Park City that resulted in a trip to Insta Care for a toddler with a sprained ankle and a trip to the ER with the same toddler on an accidental overdose (took his brother’s medicine). Seriously, I’m just waiting for DCFS to show up on my doorstep! I didn’t mention that he had previously broken his collar bone and severely burned his hand in the same week last October. This must be a boy thing. No fear. None at all.

Also, I’m trying to decide…is it 5 times worse if your child wets his pants while wearing 5 pairs of underwear? Is it 10 times worse if he does it two days in a row?

Kid-Speak Part 3

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Me: Chase, do you want to go to the zoo today?
Chase: Yeah! Cuz my tummy says, ” I wanna see amamals and ride trains!”

April 15, 2010

Kid-Speak Part 2

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I’ve decided I need to keep track of all the funny, random, and sometimes downright bizarre things my kids say. Therefore, here is Kid-Speak!
I was in an accident a couple weeks ago with my kids in the backseat. Talk about traumatic. Chase was bawling in car and when the police officer went to calm him down, the only words he could mutter were, “no ticket.” So, maybe my tactic of telling him that if he takes off his seat belt I will get a ticket and go to jail has backfired. Chase has since turned into the biggest backseat driver ever! Yesterday he observed brake lights ahead of us on the freeway.
Chase: “Mommy! Are you pushing your stop button?!?! Don’t crash!”
Me: [hahaha] “Yes, I’m pushing the brake.”
Hey, a stop button would be nice! It would have saved me a lot of $$ and hassle a couple weeks ago!

April 14, 2010


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Me: Chase, do you want to play outside or come in for a siesta?
Chase: I wanna’ play outside. ‘Cause I need exercise.
Me: That sounds like a great idea.
Chase: Yeah, ’cause I’m tired of playing inside. I need to get big muscles so I can show Jill.

Our Most Recent Adventures

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Today we went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, UT.  It’s very small in comparison to the Shedd Aquarium of my childhood, but it was so much fun!  The kids really had a blast.  It’s really geared toward little kids and toddlers.  They even have an exhibit where the kids can pet stingrays!  We ALL got a kick out of that!  I’d say that outing is a definite winner for moms and kids along the Wasatch Front.

Last week, on the spur of the moment, we headed down to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country in Lehi, UT.  We love that place!  The kids had pony and wagon rides and had so much fun petting and feeding all the animals.  Austen was particularly smitten with the goats – yelling “HI GOATS!” at the top of his lungs over and over!  He also just about took a dive into the duck pond when I had my head turned.  I grabbed him at the very last second!  Here are some pics from that outing.

Where has the time gone?!

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I’ve decided it’s high time that I start blogging again!  I was browsing through my blog this past weekend and I couldn’t believe how long it has been!  SO much has happened in the past year and a half!  Maybe that’s why I haven’t been blogging!  We’re busy as ever and ever striving for balance in our lives, but grateful for every hectic moment!

I can’t possibly do justice to re-capping the last year and a half, but some of the things that have been making my life so crazy and distracting me from this blog (in no particular order):

1. Austen (my baby!) is about to turn 2 in May – isn’t he supposed to be a newborn still?  And Chase is 4 1/2!
2. We lost my father in law, Papa Gum, to cancer in Sept ’08.  Chase still misses him terribly – as we all do.
3. We’ve made huge progress with our little Chase!  Chase and I have been through so much OT, behavioral and play therapy, psychiatric appointments, sleep specialist appointments (not to forget his sleep study – aka my only post-30 all-nighter), neurology appointments, and on and on and on…I’m pretty sure I could write a book.  Or at the very least I deserve some kind of honorary degree!  But now we actually know what’s going on with him, we (somewhat) have a strategy, and he’s doing great!
4. I’ve changed jobs – going back to the edu vertical (am I insane???).  I’m once again working with SavvyToddlerMom and loving it!  We’ve been known to talk media strategy on the ellipticals!

I’m super excited to be back and blogging again, keeping track of all of our adventures.  The weather is getting warmer and we’re already starting to come out of winter hibernation!