October 23, 2012

Kidspeak Part 4

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I keep saying that I need to write things down.  So, I’m writing them down! 

Here are some gems from Austen:

“Mom, ya know why your bum is a little bit hard and a little bit squishy?  ‘Cause you got brains in there.”  Then he proceeds to tell me that the brains in his bum are always tricking him when he goes poop. 

At Disneyland last week we had a bunch of great Austen lines!  After riding on the Hollywood Tower of Terror, the ride stopped and Austen said “Dad, are we in the real world?!”  Everyone on the ride cracked up. 

On Star Tours, Austen saw all the robots around while we were going through the line.  “Papa, are they turnin’ us into robots?”  Hehe.  Then on the ride he turned to me and said “Mom, are we really going to outer space?”  The ride operator heard and said “You’re at Disneyland.  It’s magic at Disneyland!”  This answer was NOT satisfactory so he asked me again.  Again, the whole ride was cracking up.  The whole trip it became more and more apparent that my kids don’t really grasp the difference between fantasy and reality.  This morning Austen told me that the Mickey Mouse on “3-3” (the Disney Channel) isn’t the real Mickey Mouse.  Not like the one we saw at Disneyland.  He’s apparently the pretend one, but he’s not a picture because he can move. 

Last night I had a doozy with Chase.  He is in love with his friend and neighbor Paige.  We ran into them at Disneyland and the next day I caught him writing “I love Paige” complete with heart-dotted i and heart-shaped o on his menu at dinner.  So last night he and I are talking about what he will be when he grows up.  I make some suggestions and tell him how he will need to go to college.  He replies with “I think I’ll just be a regular dad and work at Home Depot or a sprinkler store.”  Aaaack.  Hopefully he will outgrow that.  So then out of the blue he asks, “Does Paige have teeny tiny babies in her tummy?”  Uuuuuugh…I am NOT having this conversation with my 7 year old son.  I reply that she doesn’t but when she grows up and gets married she will have babies and be a mom.  “What kind of babies will she have, mom?”  “I don’t know.  Boy babies or girl babies.”  To which he replies, “Oh good!  I hope we have boy babies!”  At this point I am trying my absolute hardest to contain my laughter and trying to find a way to slip away and call Grant with this hilarity!  I then asked him if he wanted to marry Paige and he acted a little like this was a dumb question because the answer was obviously yes.  I didn’t think this was supposed to start for 8 more years – or more! 


Week 1 Bonus

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Over the past two weeks I have proven that I am apparently not able to keep it together without the threat of public humiliation or at least some sort of accountability.  Week one was really not too bad.  I went to the gym 4 times, I think.  And really kept things up…well, for about 5 days.  Then we went on vacation.  Yeeeeeah.  Fortunately I only gained 2 lbs.  But the candy eating has really gotten out of control!  So, here is what I’m hoping to get out of this challenge this time around:- Lose those 2 stinking lbs.  Plus 3 more.  This will put me 2 lbs below my weight before having any babies and right back to my post babies 1 and 2 weight.  Baby 3 ruined me. 
– Build more muscle mass.  I would like to drop 2 more % points of body fat.  If anyone at the office would like to use my fat tester, just lmk and I’ll bring it! 
– 4 weeks perfect points.  Kristin, I’m ALL IN with you!