September 13, 2014

Oh, how I love a party!! (Written May, 2010)

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Despite all the hard work, the stress, the last-minute meltdowns – I LOVE parties!  Today was Austen’s 2nd birthday party and it was a hit!  It reminded me how blessed I am to have my two darling boys and such wonderful family and friends.  My cute friend Jamie loaned me a bunch of decorations (and otherwise loaned me some great ideas) and I think the party was super cute.  We ended up inside due to cold weather.  It was a little cramped, but no one seemed to mind.

Here’s the birthday boy!  Appropriately bruised and scraped – this is a 2 year old boy after all!

I made party hats for all of the kids, which they decorated with foam stickers and wiggly eyes.  They turned out so cute and the kids had so much fun creating their hats!


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A: “Dad, do the China guys wanna take over the United States?”

Dad: “Yep.”  HAH!I have no idea what prompted that thought!  So random and so funny!  One of my other favorite one-liners is: “Hey, are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?!”  No.  The answer is always no.  But I tell him it depends on what he’s thinkin’ because I want to hear whatever outlandish idea he has come up with.