December 11, 2007

Build a Bear

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SavvyToddlerMom and I had a toddler-boys outing this morning.  It was so much fun!  And being the coupon-shopper that I am, I found this great $5 off coupon!  That made the trip even more worth it.  Little Ro’ made a monkey that is SO adorable.  His favorite parts of the experience were stepping on the peddle of the stuffing machine to make it fill the monkey and the bath station.  After stuffing their bear, your child can give the bear an air “bath.”  I think Little Ro would have bathed his monkey all day.  He also loved the bins of little hearts and enjoyed choosing his monkey’s heart.  Aside from that, he wasn’t interested in much else there.  The clothes are adorable, but he was disinterested, so I picked up a pair of shoes for him to put on his monkey and a skateboard – because what little boy doesn’t love anything on wheels?  We topped the day off with Wendy’s, and now he’s fast asleep – hopefully for a long, long time!