April 15, 2010

Kid-Speak Part 2

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:05 pm by chasingtoddlermom

I’ve decided I need to keep track of all the funny, random, and sometimes downright bizarre things my kids say. Therefore, here is Kid-Speak!
I was in an accident a couple weeks ago with my kids in the backseat. Talk about traumatic. Chase was bawling in car and when the police officer went to calm him down, the only words he could mutter were, “no ticket.” So, maybe my tactic of telling him that if he takes off his seat belt I will get a ticket and go to jail has backfired. Chase has since turned into the biggest backseat driver ever! Yesterday he observed brake lights ahead of us on the freeway.
Chase: “Mommy! Are you pushing your stop button?!?! Don’t crash!”
Me: [hahaha] “Yes, I’m pushing the brake.”
Hey, a stop button would be nice! It would have saved me a lot of $$ and hassle a couple weeks ago!


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