June 26, 2008

Two of My New Favorite Things

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And for my 3rd and final post of the day–I have two new favorite things definitely worthy of a blog post!  This past week I have discovered the amazing power of white vinegar.  I saw something on TV about using it to clean as a “green” option.  I have to admit that I’m not totally into the “green” trend, but on a whim I decided to give it a try the other day.  I happened to have a bottle sitting on my bathroom counter that I had been using to disinfect during a bout of thrush (that calls for another post on another day).  So I poured a 50/50 vinegar/water mix into my ironing bottle.

WHALA!  My life will never be the same!  I am now convinced that there is nothing that white vinegar can’t clean!  Sure, you and your home will smell a little like a salad for a while, but all of the harsh chemicals I usually use to clean can’t even come close to the cleaning power now contained in my ironing bottle.  We have very hard water and it dissolves the mineral build-up and soap scum with ease.  It also cleans mirrors, glass, the crud around faucets and that disgusting pink mold that grows in the crevices of our showers (yes, we all have it although no one wants to admit it).  Plus, I can feel safe washing my kids’ tubs without exposing their skin to chemical residue.  I am totally sold and highly recommend it.  I’m so excited about it that I have cleaned my bathroom twice in the past week!

My second favorite discovery of the week is homemade popsicles.  Or, as Little Ro’ calls them “focafocles.”  We get some looks when he says that one, as you can imagine.  Yesterday we got out the smoothie maker and blended up the following:

1 C fresh blueberries
1/2 can peaches (drain all but about 2T of the liquid)
2 6 oz containers vanilla yogurt

I bought some cute molds at Target so we filled them and had them for dessert after dinner.  He had no idea it was a healthy snack and devoured his entire popsicle.  I’ve decided this will have to become a regular activity and next time I’m going to spike it with some hidden veggies and/ or protein.


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  1. critts said,

    White vinegar can cure everything! try adding some to your laundry – especially your whites – as a bleach alternative.

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