February 26, 2008

Cat Poop…Is There Anything Worse???

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:39 pm by chasingtoddlermom

I mean really.  Maybe I’m extra sensitive to this subject because I have pregnant phobia of the stuff, but you can’t argue that cat poop isn’t vile.  Especially when it’s in your yard and it came from a mystery cat (don’t even get me started on stray cats and people who disregard leash laws).  Anyway…on to my story.  Today is an absolutely beautiful day!  I’m so tired of being cooped up inside (with a wild toddler nonetheless), trying to think of ways to wear Little Ro’ out so he’ll sleep and allow me to work in the afternoons.  But today the sun is shining and the snow is melting!  So we came out of hiding with scooter and Diego car in tow.  We visited with my DH’s grandpa and aunt who are our neighbors and LR had a ball splashing in (filthy) puddles that have accumulated in our gutters.  He was soaked, but having a ball, so I didn’t mind that he was a complete mess.  Until the cat poop.  He was walking along and saw it.  Fortunately I saw it too and told him not to touch as he was bending over to inspect the mysterious brown pile of goo.  He got my message, stood up, and promptly stomped in it.  UUUUGH!!!  I almost vomited!  I got him to run around in the wet grass to wipe much of it off and then I got a pair of gloves and undressed him in the garage (I buy rubber gloves in bulk at Costco–very handy for cutting meat, doing yucky dishes, etc.  I highly recommend).  So, now his favorite See Kai Runs are banished to the garage until CTDad comes home and figures out how on earth to disinfect them.  And I do mean disinfect.


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