January 9, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas

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I’ve been a bad blogger lately! The holidays were so hectic, but we’re getting back to normal life now. Little Ro’ caught his first annual case of croup right after Christmas and is just feeling better now. We had a great Christmas season this year!  Little Ro’ didn’t really understand, but he was (and is) fascinated by Christmas lights and Santa. And he didn’t mind the new toys either. I don’t know where we’re going to put everything!! My sister came from NY with our brother in law and their two kids (3-year-old son who LR calls “Sarcon” and his little sister, who we’ll call El). Little Ro’ is still asking for “Sarcon” every day! Here is a pic of the kids playing together at Grandma’s house before going sledding.  Cousins playing

It was especially fun to spend time with little El. She was born in London and now lives in NY so I had only been able to see her once before. She’s too cute and her personality is so darling! I’d give anything to have such an easy going baby….

The boys were so lucky–Santa made a stop at Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve.  Little Ro was cautiously curious and Sarcon couldn’t contain his excitement!  Our camera lens was filthy (thanks, Little Ro), so the pics were blurry.


Here is a pic of the kids together on Christmas morning at Grandma’s house.

Christmas Morning

After Christmas we took the kids to Hardware Ranch.  It is an Elk wildlife preserve above Hyrum, UT.  It was beautiful, but COLD!!!  We waited an hour and a half in 8 degree weather to see the Elk up close.  Little Ro seemed oblivious to the cold and just had a ball playing in the snow.  The pics below are Little Ro playing and Sarcon looking at the Elk (which we told him were Santa’s Reindeer).


The holidays are always a reminder of how very blessed we really are.  We have such great friends and families and we were able to make a lot of fun memories this year.


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