December 7, 2007

Maternity Clothes Drama

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It is becoming increasingly evident that I will need to give in and start wearing maternity clothes within the next 2-3 weeks. My clothes still fit, but that doesn’t mean I should wear them. A mantra I wish more people (pregnant and not) would adopt. My first pregnancy was mainly during warm weather, so I’d be set if it was summer. Unfortunately it’s 35 degrees outside. Fortunately this time around fashion trends are on my side. I think I’ll be able to get away with non-maternity tops for much of the winter–with the exception of some layering pieces.

Pants and skirts. These are my latest drama. My DH has made it abundantly clear that he is tired of sitting next to my laptop looking over my shoulder at various online retailers while I pour over the selections of bottoms. I need to vent my gripes! First of all: There are practically NO decent maternity stores in Utah. Isn’t this the land of perpetually reproducing families?? I picked up one cute pair of Mavi jeans at Mimi after trying on at least 12 pairs. Second: There is so much contradicting information about size ordering. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and order multiple pairs and plan on mailing back whatever doesn’t work. But let’s face it, that’s a complete hassle. I know I love my Paige and Citizen jeans, but I just can’t get the sizing straight. According to Paige’s website, I should order my pre-pregnancy size. But according to EVERY other site out there (and Saks‘ live chat), I should go up 2 sizes. Two sizes?! I would have to cut the tag out to spare my self esteem! Third: What is with all of the totally tacky maternity fabrics? I am having a completely impossible time finding any skirts that don’t make me cringe.

The last time I was pregnant I found this darling maternity boutique where I bought 90% of my clothes. They had great brands and all of my skirts looked like I picked them up at Anthropologie. Unfortunately the store was in a bad location and the owner said she had priced herself out of the market and had to close her doors (not before giving me a 50% discount on my last visit!).

What is a fashion-conscious pregnant girl to do? Any suggestions?



  1. savvytoddlermom said,

    I’ve got it… road trip. Or, plane trip, considering the weather lately. Let’s hop a plane to Las Vegas or CA and find some REAL shopping.

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  3. JL said,

    I’m in exactly the same boat. My last pregnancy I was big in the summer and now that I’m big in the winter on Round 2, I have nothing to wear. I have a pair of Gap maternity jeans that are nice because they have a good amount of stretch in the denim, but I long for the not so distant days of wearing Paige jeans. They don’t come any better than that.

  4. chasingtoddlermom said,

    It’s really frustrating! And congratulations, JL, LeMare didn’t mention that you were expecting!

    Well, I bit the bullet and ordered a pair 2 sizes up. They should be here this Friday, so I’ll send an update when they’re here. I found them on sale with free shipping at Saks, so my DH didn’t have a total heart attack. But-I discovered the greatest thing on Saturday! The Bella Band! I’m in love it. I need to buy more because I’ve been living in this one ever since. It’s worth a blog entry all its own.

  5. critts said,

    I can’t believe we never discussed the bella band – that saved me from maternity clothes for a very long time when I was pregnant. Here’s another place to try – Anthropologie. I went in there the other day and the saleswoman told me they have lots of expectant moms come in the store and the salespeople all know what tops fit prengnant women and which ones won’t fit.

  6. carina said,


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