October 24, 2007

My Chi-Town Reunion

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Earlier this month I over-packed significantly and headed back to Chi-Town for my 10-year HS reunion. I am a child of the suburbs, so the reunion was held in Naperville, but most of my time was spend with my oldest friend LeMare in the city. The windy city and I have missed each other a lot. LeMare and I are mostly interested in shopping, eating, and rehashing old-times, but I really need to take Little Ro’ back there in the next couple of years to see the fabulous museums and sites. What a great city!

Did I mention the shopping is wonderful? My favorite purchase of the entire trip has to be my new eggplant handbag. I’m smitten. I picked up some other great finds as well. And then there’s the food. I think the highlight of my city-eating was probably the one fast-food meal we ate! We ran out to Portillos on Friday night. This is typically something we reserve for the burbs, but I was too starving to wait at a restaurant and didn’t regret our choice one bit. Portillos is a hometown tradition that I really miss a lot. After stuffing ourselves with Portillos, LeMare and I returned to her apartment to watch an old favorite: The Night They Saved Christmas. Aah—a night dripping with memories and tradition!

But now to the point of my journey. My reunion. On Saturday, LeMare and I dashed to Union Station, lugging my 43 lb suitcase, new purchases, and LeMare’s overnight bag (naturally a Nordstrom bag). We barely made our train due to my 10-minutes-late watch. The conductor approached us for our tickets and said “which part of Hinsdale or Naperville are you from?” LeMare was initially offended, but I pointed out our luck that he didn’t ask if we were from Cicero or Berwyn. Whew!

We arrived on time in Naperville, however our ride did not, so we decided to head downtown on foot to take advantage of a little shopping before dinner with our dear friend Matt. We ate at Lou Malnati’s—it’s a must-have Chicago pizza spot. After dinner we ran back to LeMare’s parents’ house to get ready for our big night out. After much chaos and outfit changing, we were ready to roll! We rolled up to our reunion in LeMare’s mom’s minivan. Some things never change.

The reunion was great. I have to say that MOST everyone was better. Better looking (even if they had gained a few lbs), more genuine, just better. I was actually really surprized at how many people were married (many with kids). It wasn’t a huge turnout, but pretty much everyone I wanted to see was there. Here are a couple pics from the reunion.



I also went back just in time, as LeMare is heading to greener pastures on the great city of San Francisco next month. Congrats, LeMare, I’m really happy for you!!



  1. lemare said,

    Ah, it WAS a grand weekend! I can’t wait for the first snowfall when we can watch all the other Christmas movies! You definitely need to bring Lil Ro back to your hometown, but wait for a weekend when I’m there! I think there are museums in San Fran–you can bring him there!!!

  2. lemare said,

    One more thing about people looking better vs gaining weight…

    I may have gained a few LBs, but my nose looks subtly better!

  3. critts said,

    Great pics! Looks like you guys had a fun time. I wish I could’ve spent the weekend in the city with you cosmopolitan gals!

  4. lemare said,

    Was it not you, Miss Critts, who yesterday called me your cosmopolitan friend, who is shortly going to become much LESS cosmopolitan?

  5. chasingtoddlermom said,

    LOL–LeMare, your nose does look subtly better, but I just can’t put my finger on why that is 😉

    Upon writing this blog, I was thinking that the 3 of us gals (cosmo in our own minds, maybe) should really institute some kind of annual or biennial weekend trip. We do have to accommodate LeMare’s pending pregnancy next year, though.

  6. lemare said,

    Ah yes, the inevitable pregnancy of 2008… But do not fear, human reproduction will not keep me from ANY weekend trips!

  7. lemare said,

    CTM – your boobs look huge in that picture.

  8. chasingtoddlermom said,

    Why thank you! Need I point out that they are being overshadowed by the magnitude of your boobs? Story of my life….

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