October 15, 2007

Riding Bo in the Snow

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We finally made it to the cabin last weekend. The cabin is the mountains of central Utah and is quite cold this time of year. We decided to go down to relax and watch our church’s semi-annual General Conference. It was cozy! It was freezing and snowed on Saturday. We had fires in the fireplace and coal stove and just hung out. Little Ro’ was smitten with the cabin–as he is generally smitten with all things outdoors. He hates wearing a coat and seems unaffected by the cold. He explored outside each day until we were too cold to stand chasing him around. And this weekend we discovered his love for horses! He couldn’t get enough of them and would call out “Bo! Bobobobo!” at my Grandpa’s horse, Bo. He wasn’t quite as smitten with Ben. Of course we didn’t have our camera when he rode Bo, but here are some pics with Grandpa Great’s horses.

My grandpa had to take the horses home for the winter, so here is my dad helping round them up (riding Bo).  They’re spoiled and get to run free in a pasture for the summer, so they’re not very willing to be put in the trailer.

We drove up over the mountain on our way home (elevation 10k feet) and there was a lot of snow. The temp reading onour car dipped to 24 degrees! We saw a lot of deer but no elk, much to the disappointment of all the elk hunters we passed, I’m sure.



  1. lemare said,

    Look at your dad! Such an equestrian! What’s the difference between an equestrian and an equitarian? Hopefully Lil Ro takes after your dad!

  2. critts said,

    Looks like so much fun! I miss the great outdoors of Utah.

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