October 3, 2007

SO Nervous

Posted in Rants at 7:43 pm by chasingtoddlermom

I’m SO nervous I can’t stand it right now, so in an effort to distract myself I’m blogging. CTD is at a 3rd-round interview for a director-level job at an agency. With about an hour’s notice this morning (while I was away at tumbling with LR), he had to put together a media strategy and plan for a b2b client to present to the agency COO. That’s just not possible! Well, it’s possible to pull something together, but not a plan worthy of a new biz presentation. So, he told them he’d do his best with the time allotted and he left with an outline. I hope that’s good enough! I guess that if they’re not reasonable to understand what can be pulled together in a matter of an hour or two with very limited information, then he doesn’t want to work for them anyway. We’ll see! He’s honestly not sure he even wants this job, but it might be a great opportunity. Cross your fingers for him!



  1. critts said,

    Woo-hoo! How exciting! Let us know how it goes…

  2. chasingtoddlermom said,

    Knock on wood–it seemed to go well despite the list minute rush! We’ll see, though! This was his 3rd round and he’s now joking that he might start billing them by the hour for any additional interviews!

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