September 29, 2007

Family Photos

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Our family took a trip to a nearby canyon last weekend to take some family photos with MakeLessNoise, a talented hobby photographer and family friend.

You can view a few here:

We chose some adorable candid shots of Little Ro’. They’re framed in an arrangement in our family room and they look darling! He is pulling a different facial expression in every picture. They’re so reflective of his personality right now. He’s completely incapable of being still (even when sleeping) and he has a great BIG personality for such a little guy. We also chose a cute family photo as well, so it was a big success. Even if we were quite literally ChasingToddlerMom and ChasingToddlerDad up and down the canyon the whole time! He also had a ball throwing rocks in the creek and riding in his big red wagon. I’d like to take him back for a good walk in the canyon soon, when I’m not wearing 4-inch heels.

On the subject of 4-inch heels, I have to give Little Ro’ credit in his ability to walk in these 3-inch heels. I don’t know what it is about these red shoes, but he loves to walk all around the house in them. Now that’s talent!
Red Shoes 2



  1. lemare said,

    CTM – I just found this by your comment on Critt’s latest post! How exciting!!!

  2. Critts said,

    What cute pics of your little guy! He’s absolutely adorable and growing so fast!

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